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PROFILE carry out guttering works such as gutter cleaning and plygene lining. Insulated guttering, galvanised guttering, joint sealing and waterproofing of existing gutters, together with design drainage for guttering, are services provided by PROFILE.

Gutter Cleaning

PROFILE can offer annual gutter cleaning contracts or one off cleans to industrial or commercial properties within the UK. We carry out annual planned gutter cleaning for many clients, some with multiple sites.

Regular gutter cleaning can reduce the risk of damage to properties and their contents. Gutters that are blocked with debris do not flow freely and in some cases become blocked up completely. This in turn causes a back-up and overflow of water, causing water damage to the internal and external parts of properties, such as stock, machinery and furniture, as well as electrical and communication equipment. To prevent damage to buildings and their contents it is prudent to undertake an annual gutter clean.

Gutter Lining

Plygene Gutterliner is one of the solutions that PROFILE offer for the refurbishment of corroded gutters. The liner is a purpose made profiled plygene liner which is much more economical than the replacement of the gutters.

The liner stops leaking, easily, efficiently and cost effectively. There is a manufacturer’s 25-year guarantee and BBA Certification. The liners are pliable enough to mould to any gutter profile and will tolerate changes in temperatures and building movement, without splitting or cracking, thus creating a totally sealed, fully waterproof ‘gutter within a gutter’ without the requirement for any structural work.

Gutter Joints Sealed

The vast majority of industrial and commercial gutters are manufactured from galvanised steel which are bolted or riveted together at 3 metre intervals and sealed with mastic. Over time the joint sealant will degrade and leaks will then occur. By cleaning and coating the joints, this problem can be remedied.

Gutter Replacement

Once galvanised gutters have eroded and corrosion appears there are no guaranteed products available that provide a long term solution and therefore replacement gutters are recommended.

PROFILE provide a full supply and fit service for all galvanised steel and plastisol gutter replacements and all associated downpipes and other fitments required.

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