Profile Roofing has recognised the importance of our clients initiating a regular maintenance program with respect to their roofs. This maintenance procedure is equally as important with newly installed roofs as it is with aged roof systems.

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If you are looking to transform a dark building into a light and airy environment this can be done by simply installing brand new rooflights or replacing existing ones on your premises. 

Rooflight Refurbishment 

As rooflights age they become bleached by sunlight which causes them to become opaque instead of clear, limiting the amount of natural light that can enter the building. This then means the building requires additional artificial light, which comes at an extra cost. Rooflights also become brittle with age, causing them to become a Health and Safety hazard.

The Benefits Of Rooflight Refurbishment

Increased lighting provides ideal working conditions for those working within the building. Increasing natural daylight in your building can also reduce the need for artificial lighting, which in turn will reduce your lighting costs and enhance the visual impact of an industrial building.

How Can Profile Roofing Help?

Profile Roofing can supply and fit single, double and triple skin replacement rooflights, which are suitable for industrial and commercial premises. The rooflights that Profile Roofing supply are BBA approved and come with a manufacturer’s 25-year warranty. The rooflights that are provided on the client’s premises are variable due to the client’s budget and requirements. Depending on the type of rooflight selected, the new rooflights will reduce the need for artificial light, save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

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